JACK IN THE PULPIT 5 for $16 Ariseama triphyllum
Loved by all for its mesmerizing foliage. Jack is adaptable to many soils and grows to 3 feet with a waxy leaf encasing and odd but intriguing flower. Bright red berries form in fall.
Mysterious foliage and more mysterious flowers are Jacks claim to fame! Rising 2-4 feet tall, a shiny tubular leaf expands at the top t o 2-3 sections. The odd, funnel shaped "flowers" then appear, which are green and white striped with black. In the center rises the velvety white, true flower. Clusters of vibrant, cherry red sed pods folow in fall. Jack is always eyecatching and is easy in any average to damp soil; it takes clay and shade too.

available winter, spring and fall

Size: from quart pots
Price: 5 for $16 10/$29

Size: jumbo
Price: 5 for $21 10 for $39
Additional Features & Information

Preferred Exposure:   either full sun to half shade
Hardiness Zone: 4-7
Preferred Soil: Any average to heavier soil
Interesting Foliage or Bark
Other Information: Bold foliage, striking berries

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