HOBBLEBUSH VIBURNUM Viburnum alnifolium
The best viburnum
We are the only source for this very rare, very hardy, very beautiful viburnum! Large rounded leaves can be 10 inches across. This has neat branching, with layers like a dogwood and reaches 5 to 8 feet. The fleecy white flowers emerge very early in spring, followed the breathtaking leaves. Foliage becomes soft red to gold in fall, its really a sight. The coppery dormant buds are handsome all winter. It tolerates quite a bit of shade, yet is happy in sun in more northern areas like New England. In fall, bright clusters of scarlet berries add more interest. Slow growing and hard to propagate hence worth the price but easy to grow & incredibly hardy! We sometimes have larger plants for pickup at our Maine and NJ location, inquire. SEE SHRUB SECTION FOR SMALLER SIZES

Size: inquire

Additional Features & Information

Preferred Exposure:   either full sun to half shade
Hardiness Zone: 3-7
Fall Color: yes
Winter Color: yes
Interesting Foliage or Bark
Other Information: Senstational foliage, form, flowers & berries!

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